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How To Heal Fear Of Flying

Traveling by planes is something fun for most people, but for some people traveling by planes is something scary. Fear when traveling by planes is known as aviophobia or aerophobia. According to some transportation experts and psychologists, aviophobia or fear of flying is an excessive and irregular anxiety. It certainly is not good for yourself and the people around you, therefore you have to overcome your fear of flying. You can try some tips which we provide to heal fear of flying.

  • Understand the safety procedures in the air

Understand the safety procedures in the air that will give you the understanding of what could happen during the flight and how to overcome them. With understand it you will be more calm because you already know what you should do if something happens.

  • Choose a chair on the front

Turbulence can cause and aggravate anxiety, and turbulence most noticeably on the back of the plane. Therefore choose a chair that was in the front of the plane, or parallel to the wings of the plane because the effect of turbulence will not be so pronounced.

  • Arrange your breath

The breathing exercises will help to calm your nerves. To do so straighten your back first, then pull a deep breath and exhale slowly. When you are breathe think about the positive things that calm your mind.

  • Divert your attention

Divert your attention by doing other things like playing games, watching movies, listening to music, etc. If your attention is diverted, then you are not going to focus on your fears.

  • Play airplane simulation games

This method is considered as the best way to heal fear of flying, because someone can feel the positive sensations when he was on the plane without having to feel the fear.

  • Do not consume caffeine

Caffeine contains stimulants that can keep you awake, for people who have a fear of flying it will increase stress and anxiety.

  • Talk to psychologist

Talk to a psychologist about your phobia, identify the cause of your phobia so you will be easier to handle your fear of flying.


Hopefully the information we provide is useful to heal fear of flying. If you want to know more about aviophobia and fear of flying you can get it via the link below.

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