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Learn to Fly A Plane With Airplane Game

Before flying the real aircraft, professional pilots around the world learn to fly a plane with airplane game. They use an airplane game simulator to practice flying an aircraft before they fly real aircraft. The first flight simulator in the world emerge at World War 1, that is used by United States Air Force after loss five of their best pilots because of the inability of the pilot to handle a variety of events that occurred.

That's why before flying the real aircraft a professional pilot required to learn to fly a plane with airplane game. In 1915 made ​​the first flight simulator by Edwin A. link Jr. which aims to train pilots to face the possibility that occurs when they're flying the plane. Currently simulated aircraft increasingly sophisticated and often in containers in an airplane game simulator to ward off boredom and make simulated aircraft become more interesting to use.

By using the airplane game simulator, a pilot would be more familiar with the characteristics of the aircraft. So he will be able to minimize an accident and knowing what he should do when faced with an emergency situation. If you are interested in trying the best airplane game simulator you can get it here.

That airplane game simulator, is the best airplane game simulator that has been used by almost all major airlines in the world to train their professional pilots. With intensive research with NASA and the FAA for five years, entire flight school in the world to use VirtualPilot3d Flight Simulator to train their flight students. With a view that hundred percent like the reality, you will feel that you are in a real plane. 

If you want to make your flying experience more real, you can use some additional hardware such as yoke, joysticks, headsets and many more. Or just with the keyboard and mouse, it will not reduce the sensation when you learn to fly a plane with airplane game. Get your own airplane game now and be a professional pilot.



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