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Overcoming Aviophobia By Playing Airplane Game

You may be wondering how to overcoming aviophobia by Playing airplane game? The best therapy to overcome phobia of any kind is to directly confront these fears. Therefore, to overcome aviophobia can be done by getting used to board the plane. Even so, it is very difficult to do, because a person who has aviophobia very afraid to be inside the aircraft, especially if he must fly with the aircraft.

That is why, play airplane game can be used as a solution to overcome aviophobia. Nevertheless not just any airplane game which can be used to overcome aviophobia, but an airplane simulation games. With an airplane simulation games a person who has aviophobia can feel the sensation when boarding aircraft without having to fly with a real aircraft. So a person who has aviophobia  could feel the positive side when he was on the plane, without having to feel the fear of excessive. Slowly but surely, a person who has aviophobia will be able to overcome his fears.

Todd Fachione, a psychologist from Boston University's Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders says "the treatment given to people whose fear of flying is a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies, including influencing a patient's mind and change their mindset. It can be done by using an airplane game simulator or a virtual reality program that makes the patient as if they were on the plane, but still accompanied by a psychologist." "Airplane game simulator will give patients a real experience as when they are on an airplane, yes you can overcoming aviophobia by Playing airplane game," said John Hart, a psychologist from the Menninger Clinic in Houston.

Therapy using aircraft simulation games are also much cheaper compared to other types of therapies are not necessarily effective. Why would you spend thousands of dollars if you can not overcome your fears. Cheaper does not mean ineffective, because as I said before when a person who has aviophobia play airplane simulation games, he will be able to feel the positive side when he was on the plane, without having to feel the fear of excessive. So that, a person who has aviopobia will realize that there is nothing to fear, and he will be able to overcome his fears. That is why, we could overcoming aviophobia by playing airplane game.

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