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What is Simulation Game?

simulation game derived from two words, namely simulation and game. Simulation is a process of imitation of the real thing with his surroundings. Simulation aims to find out and describe the properties and characteristics of a system or reality. For example, when an aircraft company create a new airplane, they will also create a simulation of the new aircraft.

While the games or also known as the video games is an activity that uses interaction with a user interface through the images generated by the video device. Electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms, example is personal computers and consoles such as Play Station, Nintendo, and others consoles.

From here we can get a conclusion, that a simulation game is a game which is based on a fact, which was made as closely as possible to the original, even in some games, is used three-dimensional technology, to get a more vibrant, and more similar to the original. A simulation is usually intended as a means of learning, training and testing of a system, then packed into a game to make a simulation be fun and not boring. 

For example, an aircraft simulation game will replicate as closely as possible every detail of the aircraft. Starting from the outside, to any existing controls in the aircraft, will be made as closely as possible to the original. This is done so that someone more familiar with the aircraft and controls is in it, so when he was actually flying the plane he can fly the plane very well and reduce the risk of accidents.

An example of a simulation game can you on the link below:

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